Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation

We represent and access markets that can write over 600 class codes for workers compensation. Our 12 different programs can offer competitive pricing with value and services such as loss prevention, claims management, and group discount pricing options. We are unmatched by the financial strength and expertise of our markets available. Each of our carriers provides an area of expertise in their targeted industry.

In some situations we also access a PEO product when the standard comp market might no longer be the best solution for your insured. Our single PEO product acts as the employer of record for many of the non-revenue generating activities such as payroll, worker’s compensation, human resources, and employee benefits.
In addition to the PEO, we can also provide an Occupational Accident Policy for an accident that occurs in the course of a person’s employment. It is often used in the transportation field and is utilized with independent contractors.