PEO Program

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization that serves as an administrative service provider. The PEO acts as the employer of record for many of the non-revenue generating activities such as payroll, worker’s compensation, human resources, and employee benefits.
Ironwood offers one single PEO alternative, and their product provides services at a cost lower than an employer can offer itself. It relieves the client of administrative burdens as well as some insurance challenges. This allows you the ability to work on your core competencies and grow your business. The employees, through a specific definitive agreement, are moved to the PEO while you still are responsible for hiring, firing, direction, control and wages.

The IRS recognizes the PEO as the employer of record for all payroll activities. That means the PEO is responsible for the processing of checks, making tax deposits, filing all tax reports, W-2 issuance, and all other regulatory issues associated with payroll. All you do is report the payroll, and let the PEO do the rest.

When it comes to Worker’s Compensation coverage, the PEO covers all of their clients under the PEO’s master policy. You no longer have to maintain your own worker’s compensation policy. Because of the larger number of employees, the PEO can obtain coverage at reduced rates and is able to pass those savings on to you. Claims handling is the PEO’s responsibility and is handled with a combination of carrier and PEO resources to settle legitimate claims and get your employees back to work.

Ironwood is proud to be able to offer a partner in the ever-growing complications of compliance and regulations. Please feel free to visit one of our upcoming workshops on How, When, and Why to present a PEO to your Client.