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While the Matrix can search carriers based on individual or multiple class codes, each carrier has their own unique specifications, wants, and concerns. Therfore, although we pride ourselves in delivering a quote with a hopeful bind order, it is all dependent on the actual specific underwriting information on that account. An example might be that we have a market for a class code 8810 clerical workers, if they happen to work at a nuclear plant or simply climb a 20 foot ladder to get into the office they may not fit. There may be a volume or frequency of claims that exclude it.

We approach markets that we feel can provide a competitive quote and strive to advise you of the prospect status within 48 hours.

Bottom line, we do write a ton of business and want to write yours, so send your submission to, or click to get started. We will do everything we can to aggressively market your submission to eligible markets, and get you a quote subject to underwriting and program guidelines.